Please note that our customer care number is changing from 1300 347 972 to 1300 347 972 with effect from November 01, 2017

Call us: 1300 347 972
Fax: 6188 2199 916


The Do Not Call Register has been established by the Australian Government in response to increasing community concern about the growth in unsolicited telemarketing calls.

We respect your privacy and if you are registered on the Do Not Call Register, we will not contact you unless you are a Xoom Telecom customer or have specifically expressed interest in Xoom Telecom products and services.

Should you wish for Xoom Telecom not to contact you, you can request your number to be removed either in writing or by contacting our Customer Care team on 1300 347 972 Xoom Telecom NUMBER. Please note you will need to specify each service number should you have multiple lines

Please allow 30 days for your requested numbers to be removed from our database.

  • DNC Register Calls to business numbers (PDF)
  • Find out more from the Australian Communications Authority Website